Mobotix Mx-D16B-P-6D6D041 IP camera with 180 degree color video sensor, ONVIF, 12MP resolutions


Mx-D16B-P-6D6D041: IP camera with PAN lens bridge • ONVIF-compliant Mx6 system platform (2nd generation) with H.264, MxPEG+ and M-JPEG • 2 Moonlight sensors day, 6MP (3072 x 2048) • HD premium lenses: 2x B041 super wide-angle (horiz. image angle 180°) • Max. image size: 2x 6MP (6144 x 2048 Pixel) • IP54 without accessories, IP65/IK10 with Outdoor Wall Mount, IP66/IK10+ with Vandalism Set, each -40 bis 60 °C (-40 to 140°F) • Internal DVR: 4 GB microSD • Speaker, microphone, PIR sensor, temperature sensor, MxActivitySensor, shock detector • Ethernet patch cable 0,5 m/1.65 ft • Interfaces: Ethernet 10/100 (RJ45), MxBus, USB; I/O and RS232 via Interface Box (MOBOTIX accessory)


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Mx-D16B-P-6D6D041: IP Dome camera with color PANORAMIC lens bridge

  • Mx6 system platform with H.264 and ONVIF compatibility
  • Recording on an internal MicroSD card (4 GB as standard)
  • Microphone and speaker integrated
  • Shock detector und PIR sensor integrated
  • Suitable for mounting to a ceiling or wall
  • Also easy to install on building corners and poles (with Mx-D15-OPT-WHMH-Set)
  • Stitched image for seamless 180 degree field of view
  • Vandalism set for use in extremely harsh conditions