Geovision GV-VMS 32CH-HD-DVR-4 GV-VMS for 32CHs Platform with HD-DVR 4


GV-VMS for 32CHs Platform with HD-DVR 4 port



GV-VMS for 32CHs Platform with HD-DVR 4 port

GV-VMS V17 is a comprehensive video management system that records video from GeoVision and third-party IP devices. The live view and playback layout can be easily adjusted with the intuitive drag-and-drop function. GV-VMS V17 comes with a variety of intelligent video analytics to offer precise monitoring and to reduce the need for manual supervision. The built-in Webcam Server allows users to remotely access live view and recordings from anywhere using Web browsers, mobile app and Remote ViewLog. Compatibility with GeoVision central monitoring systems and support for a wide selection of third-party cameras make GV-VMS a versatile and effective surveillance solution.

GV-VMS V17 supports connection of up to 32 channels of GV-IP devices for free, and up to 64 channels with an added GV-VMS Pro license. Additional licenses are required if you need to connect with third-party IP devices.

Key Features

  • Fisheye dewarping for GeoVision and 3rd party fisheye cameras
  • H.265 decoding and smart streaming to reduce file size and bandwidth
  • Retail video analytics: People Counting, Heat Map
  • Video analytics: Intrusion Alarm, Crowd Detection, Scene Change Detection, Privacy Mask, Unattended and Missing Object Detection
  • Advanced video analytics: Face Recognition
  • Dual stream for monitoring and recording to save CPU usage
  • Quick Search: Timeline Search, Object Search by Area
  • Multiple displays for live view and playback on different monitors
  • E-Map; IO Device Control; PTZ Auto Tracking
  • GeoVision Dynamic DNS server for providing a domain name if no fixed IP addresses are available
  • Support for Microsoft SQL and Access data types
  • Central password management with Windows Active Directory
  • Support for ONVIF, PSIA, and RTSP protocols
  • Integration with central monitoring systems: GV-Center V2, GV-Vital Sign Monitor, GV-Dispatch Server, and GV-Control Center
  • Remote monitoring through Web browsers and mobile devices

Note :

  • The GV-VMS V17 series provides 32 free channels for GeoVision IP devices. If you need more than 32 channels, a GV-VMS Pro license or a third-party / HD DVR license is required.
  • To remotely view from 33 to 64 channels on the GV-Edge Recording Server (Windows version), you will need to purchase an additional license. Currently, GV-Edge Recording Server (Mac version) only supports remote connection with up to 32 channels.
  • All specifications are subject to change without notice.