Vivotek CM48I8-180 Angle: Continuous Variable IR Illuminator, Angle: 180⁰, Power Input: 12~24V DC ±10%


CM48I8-180, CaMate CM48 is a series of professional IR illuminators designed with VIVOTEK’s Continuous Variable Angle Technology (CVA Tech), providing highly efficient intensity and uniform distribution to fit 10° ~ 180° FOV via adjustable beam angles up to 250 meters. The series offers multiple options for outdoor and long-distance in many applications such as traffic LPR/ANPR, airports, parking lots and many more.


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CM48I8-180, The CM48 series delivers accurate image quality with special beam pattern designs such as circular (-1040), elliptical (-2040/4080) and rectangular (-90120/180), as well as 180° illumination for panoramic Multiple-sensor solutions (-180), providing high intensity and uniformity without hot spots or overexposure issues. The radiant power of the LED’s is effectively projected on to the surveillance area. All ranges of variable angles can maintain highly efficient functionality while also conserving energy.

Thanks to CVA Tech, this series can adjust beam angles according to different installation distances, which make it easy to install. Further, an optional remote control provides users quick and easy to set-up the IR LED from the ground site. To meet the demands of different scenarios, the CM48 series is compatible with a variety of accessories, such as brackets, wall mounts and alignment tools. With the added support and flexibility of an abundance of accessories, the CM48 series is an excellent intelligent IR illuminator for optimizing your video performance in dark or low-light surveillance.

Technical Specifications

Product Information

Beam Angle (Horizontal)
CM48I8-180: 180°
CM48I8-180: 40 m (131 ft)
Beam Pattern
CM48I8-180: Rectangular
LED Array
24 pcs LED
850 nm
External Input
IR ON/OFF control
External Output
Day/Night switching
Automatic IR On/Off
Controlled by Light Sensor
Light Sensor Sensitivity
1/5/10/30(default)/50/100% (Max. 1000 Lux)
(accessed via CaMate remote/RS-485 control)
Adjustable IR Power
20% ~ 100%
(accessed via CaMate remote/RS-485 control)


Power Input
12~24V DC ±10%, 24V AC(50/60Hz) ±10%
(14.5VDC current controlled)
Power Consumption
Max. 48 W
Operating Temperature
-40°C ~ +60°C (-40°F ~ +140°F)
Working Temperature
-50°C ~ +60°C (-58°F ~ +140°F)
220 x 160 x 73 mm (8.6 × 6.3 × 2.9 inch)
2.1 kg
Cable Length
0.75 m (2.46 ft) UL AWM
IP68, IK10
Safety Certifications
IEC 62471, EN 50130-4, CE: EN61000-6-3, EN60598-1, EN60598-2-5, FCC Class B, EN60529
5 years

Included Accessories

U-Type Bracket (134 × 34 × 81.5 mm)
Optional LED Source (Power Input 24V DC/AC ±10% )
CM48I8-1040 => CM48I9-1040
CM48I8-2040 => CM48I9-2040
CM48I8-4080 => CM48I9-4080
CM48I8-90120 => CM48I9-90120
White LED 5000K
CM48I8-1040 => CM48W5-1040
CM48I8-2040 => CM48W5-2040
CM48I8-4080 => CM48W5-4080
CM48I8-90120 => CM48W5-90120

Compatible Accessories

AM-219: L-Bracket for Dual CaMate Illuminators
CMA-B01: L-Bracket for Single CaMate Illuminator
CMA-B03: U-Type Bracket for Single CaMate Illuminator
Mounting Kit
CMA-B04: Wall-Mount Kit for Single/Dual CaMate Illuminator
CMA-B05: Wall-Mount Kit for Dual/Triple CaMate Illuminator
CMA-B06: Wall-Mount Kit for Dual/Triple CaMate Illuminator
Alignment Kit
CMA-A01: Laser Alignment Kit
Remote Controller
Power Supply
HLG-60H-24: 60W Single Output Switching Power Supply


Key Features

Key Features:

  • Continuous Variable Angle Technology (CVA Tech)
  • Variable Field of View 10° ~ 180°
  • Adjustable Beam Angle up to 250 Meters
  • High Uniformity without Hot Spots and Overexposure
  • Accurate Image Quality with Special Beam Patterns for Different Solutions: Circular, Elliptical and Rectangular
  • Extreme Weather Support
  • Weather-proof IP68- and Vandal-proof IK10-rated Housing
  • Flexible Installation
  • Five-year Warranty