• Distances up to 18m (59ft) narrow – 13m (41ft) wide
  • PLATINUM LED technology
  • High Power – Low Running Costs
  • Angle – 120° to 180°
  • Fully Controllable Power Supply


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High Performance White-Light LED illuminators provide class leading performance, long life, energy efficiency and zero maintenance. They incorporate the very latest surface mount LED’s to deliver excellent optical output and outstanding reliability, providing even illumination and excellent night time images for surveillance cameras and general area lighting.

The unique Adaptive Illumination™ concept provides the flexibility to alter the angle of illumination on site to suit the required lighting specification. The RAYLUX 100 provides a world class ‘White-Light’ output of 110lm/W at the LED source, and an independently  tested luminaire output of 3100 lm.

Each unit is fitted with Active LED Life Control to carefully control LED output, delivering consistent illumination power and a projected working life of 10 years.

RAYLUX illuminators are supplied with bracket and power supply. Control features on the power supply include adjustable power output, photocell and telemetry control. RAYLUX 100 is designed for low light installations up to 120m (394ft).


  • Quick Start
  • LED technology
  • High Power – Low Running Costs


  • Adaptive Illumination™
  • Various angles (10° to 180°)
  • Fully Controllable Power Supply


  • 10 year life
  • Active LED Life Control
  • Vandal resistant


  • Excellent Colour Rendition
  • Even Output Illumination
  • Low running costs