Vivotek CCS-2D-4IB 2 Counting Cameras, NVR (ND9312), 8-port PoE Switch

CCS-2D-4IB 2, 2 Counting Cameras, NVR (ND9312), 8-port PoE Switch (AW-FET-100C-120), 4x2MP 30M IR H.265 Outdoor WDR Pro Bullet (IB9360-H), 2TB HDD


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CCS-2D-4IB 2, 2 Counting Cameras, NVR (ND9312), 8-port PoE Switch (AW-FET-100C-120), 4x2MP 30M IR H.265 Outdoor WDR Pro Bullet (IB9360-H), 2TB HDD

Vivotek CCS-2D-4IB Features

This 2 Door Crowd Counting Solution Kit is designed to help control occupancy and maintain COVID19 social distancing standards as well as providing surveillance with 4 fixed lens cameras. The benefit of having an automated solution allows for employees normally stationed at the front door to exercise crowd control, to be free to perform other tasks, and not be placed in harm’s way by exposure to the mass public, at close proximity, over a long period of time. The Crowd Counting Solution generates a customizable display that shows the occupancy level of the location in real time, and directs human traffic accordingly.

This VIVOTEK Crowd Counting Solution Kit can manage up to 2 doors of ingress/egress with combined traffic counts. This system has rated 98% accuracy. If there is a discrepancy between the Crowd Counting Solution’s count and human observation, the count is manually adjustable with only a few clicks from the home scree

This kit comes with the following:

  • 2 x Vivotek SC8131 Crowd Counting Camera – this camera only counts people going in or out of the doorway above which it is installed. It does not actually do imaging and surveillance of field of view. The system is designed to monitor 2 Doors (CCS-2D). This means the 2 counting cameras installed over 2 separate entry/exit doors will count the cumulative people going in or out between the two of them, to give an accurate count of occupancy. These cameras are tested and receive a 98% accuracy.
  • 1 x ND9312 NVR – This NVR has specialty software loaded onto it that will provide the counting solution display. It also is the interface to control and configure the crowd counting solution. When using the crowd counting camera ONLY in this application there is no need to use hard drive media for storage, as you are not capturing any video or information. The ND9312 has an HDMI output so a monitor can be directly connected for ease of installation.
  • 1 x AW-FET-100C-120 8 Port PoE Switch – as the ND9312 does not provide PoE a switch is required to provide power to the SC8131 and cameras.
  • 4 x IB9360-H – 2MP 3.6mm fixed lens indoor/outdoor bullet.
  • 2 TB hard disk drive for use in ND9312 NVR for the recording and storage of surveillance camera footage when employing cameras.

Please note: Individual components are linked below for full specs. This system can not be expanded beyond 1 or 2 Crowd Counting Cameras + 4 x IB/FD9360-H cameras. No additional cameras should be added. The standard ND9312 cannot provide analytics for counting solutions, the units included in these kits have specialty software installed. The SC8131 has also been specially programmed for this kit and is does not include all the features of the standard SC8131. This kit is non-returnable once ordered.