Raytec VAR-w4-LENS-120-50 Individual w4 VARIO Lens -120H X 50V

VARIO2 w4 LENS-120-50

  • White Light
  • Single Panel
  • Low Voltage
  • w4 Lens – 120H x 50V


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Interchangeable Lens Systems

At the heart of VARIO is a holographic lens system that allows the user to change the angle of light by changing the VARIO lens. A wide range of lenses are available to ensure that VARIO illuminators meet the demands of any installation. A standard VARIO illuminator delivers 10° circular, 35×10° and 60×25° elliptical angles out of the box. Other VARIO lenses are available on request.

Angle of illumination can be easily, quickly and precisely adjusted by changing the Vario holographic lens insert. Never again be caught with the wrong angle illuminator. Elliptical and Circular beam patterns available