RAYLUX URBAN PLUS, Fixed Illumination, integrated PSU and bracket, 79W

  • Street optimized lighting for elevated mounting heights up to 15m
  • High speed installation
  • Bi-directional mounting system
  • Easy-beam adjustment
  • Direct thermal transfer system – optimum level
  • 70 LEDs
  • Power Consumption: 170W
  • Total Luminous Flux (kilolumens): 16.4
  • Efficacy: 96 lm/w
  • Wide angle


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High Performance Street Lighting

The Urban Plus series is a range of White-Light LED illuminators optimised for street and road lighting applications. With a variety of wattages and optical distributions, Urban Plus is optimised for all ME/CE/S/P class applications. IP 66 rated and made from robust marine grade aluminium, its powerful elliptical beam pattern allows for elevated mounting heights up to 15m, and the widest column spacing. Applications include multiple classes of roads, pedestrian routes, recreational, and many other outdoor lighting purposes.

With an extremely low power consumption and high efficacy, Urban Plus delivers significant energy savings and outstanding optical performance. It provides even output White-Light illumination and excellent colour rendition, delivering increased safety and excellent visibility.

Urban Plus allows for a high speed installation, significantly reducing installation costs and time. It is provided in two lightweight parts which can be installed by one person – half the labour required for lifting and installing traditional and heavier street lighting. It is also supplied pre-wired with 11.2m of cable and plug, so that the electrician can wire in the system at ground level – further reducing labour and time. Urban Plus is highly flexible. It features a unique and tool free ‘Bi-Directional’ mounting system, to change the orientation of the head in only 3 seconds to accommodate for any horizontal or vertical pole installation with no bracket modification – saving further installation time and labour costs. Urban Plus also features an integrated ‘Easy-Beam’ adjustment system, allowing the user to alter the uplift of the illumination to accommodate different mounting locations. This allows for high speed and precise commissioning without having to demount or switch off the power – again saving installation time and labour costs.

All Urban Plus units feature a ‘Direct Thermal Transfer’ system. It uses the most direct heat channelling techniques with no thermal barriers for the quickest and most effective heat dissipation over the large surface area, keeping the product cooler and allowing the LEDs to deliver outstanding performance and consistency throughout the 50,000 hour operational life of the illuminator. The Urban Plus series has been designed with easy access to the light engine, making it future proof any upgradeable at any time. Urban Plus is available in 6 different optical distributions, with 13 different power options in 14, 28, 42, 56 and 70 LED arrangements.

Key Features:

  • Street Optimised Lighting for ME CE/S/P Class applications
  • Direct Thermal Transfer System
  • High Speed Installation with 2 lightweight parts
  • 100,000 Hours LED Life at L70 (50,000 driver lifetime)
  • Various Power Consumptions and Optical Distributions
  • Quick Start
  • Bi-Directional Mounting System
  • Excellent Colour Rendition & Even Output Illumination
  • Easy-Beam Adjustment System
  • Surge Protection up to 10KV
  • High Efficacy- up to 106 lm/W
  • UMSUG coding is available for Urban Plus illuminators