Mobotix Mx-O-M7SB-336TP150 CIF (336 x 256 Pixel) • Thermal PTMount w/o Thermal Radiometry


Mx-O-M7SB-336TP150: CIF (336 x 256 Pixel) • w/o Thermal Radiometry • 25° x 19° • Equipped with a 2 meter connection cable


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Mobotix Thermal PTMount with CIF Resolution

This product is designed to work with the Mobotix S74 camera. This sensor produces a 25° horizontal field of view and CIF (336 x 256 Pixels) resolution. Used with an optical sensor, this thermal sensor can produce a thermal overlay of the coverage area. The thermal sensor measures the temperature of the coverage area at the center of the image only. This sensor is capable of detecting temperatures within a range of -40 to 550°C/-40 to 1022°F. A 2 meter sensor cable comes pre-installed, so no assembly is required.

**Mobotix Thermal End User Statement is required for purchase**