Mobotix Mx-O-M7SA-320T080 ECO Thermal Module for M73/S74


Mx-O-M7SA-320T080: MOBOTIX 7 Thermal Module 320-T080 for M73/S74, 320×240, 56° viewing angle


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Mobotix ECO Thermal Sensor Module

This product is designed to work with the M73 and S74 cameras. By using a lower-resolution sensor, this sensor module is a cost-effective alternative to other thermal sensors. Use this sensor to cover a wide range of basic thermal applications, such as perimeter detection. The sensor produces a viewing angle of 56° at CIF resolution (320 x 240 Pixels). This will cover a temperature range from -40 to 330°C/-40 to 626°F.

**Mobotix Thermal End User Statement is required for purchase**