Mobotix Mx-O-M73TB-336T280 CIF (336 x 256 Pixel) • Thermal Faceplate w/o Thermal Radiometry


Mx-O-M73TB-336T280: CIF (336 x 256 Pixel) • w/o Thermal Radiometry • 17° x 13° • incl. M73 replacement front plate


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Mobotix Thermal Faceplate with CIF Resolution

This product is designed to work with the Mobotix M73 camera. The thermal sensor produces a 17° horizontal field of view and CIF (336 x 256 Pixels) resolution. Thermal Radiometry functionality allows the user to measure the specific temperature of a defined area, and to set automatic alerts when the temperature of an area exceeds or falls below defined limits. This sensor is capable of detecting temperatures within a range of -40 to 550°C/-40 to 1022°F. A Mobotix M73 Camera Body must be used with this faceplate.

**Mobotix Thermal End User Statement is required for purchase**