Geovision GV-QR1352 GV-QR1352 13.56MHZ QR Code Desfire reader,Black

Geovision GV-QR1352 GV-QR1352 13.56MHZ QR Code Desfire reader,Black

Geovision GV-QR1352 is a QR code reader with RFID reading capability. As part of GeoVision mobile access solution, GV-QR1352 can scan QR codes presented on smartphones to unlock doors. Additionally, its RFID capability supports dual-band frequency (125 kHZ EM and 13.56 MHz Mirfare), and its Weigand interface allows for integration with any standard access control systems. GV-QR1352 is an ideal reader for integrators to adopt the mobile access control while incorporating in any existing access control systems.



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Geovision GV-QR1352 13.56MHZ QR Code Reader

Working together with GeoVision access control system GV-ASManager, GV-QR1352 can scan two types of QR codes for different access control purposes. One is dynamic QR codes presented on smartphones for regular and mobile access control such as in office and campus buildings. The other is single-use QR codes emailed to users to perform visitor access control such as in event venues and meeting room reservation.

  • Communication Interface : Wiegand, RS485
  • RFID Frequency : Dual Band (13.56 MHz & 125 kHz)125 kHz EM, 13.56 MHz for ISO14443A Mifare
  • Reading Range : RFID  13.56 MHz: 25 cm (0.791.97 in) ; 125 kHz: 510 cm (1.973.94 in)
  • QR Code 1015 cm (46 in); min illumination: 250 lux
  • Wiegand Interface : Wiegand x 1, 26 / 34 bits, distance 30 m (98.43 ft)

Key Features

  • Dual band frequency: 125 kHz EM / 13.56 MHz Mifare
  • DESFire EV2 card support for enhanced security
  • Two communication interfaces: Wiegand, RS-485
  • Flush-mounted design for US and EU compatible
  • QR code support for contactless access


  • RS485 interface only supports GeoVision controllers, while Wiegand interface supports both GeoVision and 3rd party controllers (Wiegand 26 Bits).
  • The unit of measurement for Overview figures is millimeter (mm).
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.