Geovision GV-IPSC10 GV-IPSC10,Network in Ceiling Speaker , 10W


GV-IPSC10,Network in Ceiling Speaker , 10W



GV-IPSC10,Network in Ceiling Speaker , 10W

The GV-IPSC10 network ceiling speaker plays audio data received from the network. When integrated with the GV-Control Center central monitoring system, its live speak can be used to deter unwanted visitors, prevent potential crimes, and provide directions. It can also play prerecorded messages for business or security purposes, such as important announcements, safety instructions, and emergency alerts.

The GV-IPSC10 network ceiling speaker has a metal basin frame, a face shield and a fireproof metal rear cover. It is ideal for hotels, conference rooms, restaurants, shopping malls, and other indoor locations requiring loudspeakers and local amplification.

Software Supported: GV-Control Center V4.2.0 (coming soon)

Key Features

  • Integration with the central monitoring system GV-Control Center
  • Live speak for deterrence and instruction
  • Prerecorded message playback
  • Compatible with SIP and ONVIF (RTSP) protocols
  • DC 24V / PoE (PoE splitter required)
  • With one local audio input or amplifier output (choose one of the two)
  • Sturdy and fireproof design
  • CE, FCC compliant


  • A PoE splitter is needed to connect the GV-IP Speaker to a GeoVision PoE switch.
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.