Flir USS-ENT-48R6-32 2U Enterprise Server with 48TB RAID-6 (32TB usabl


USS-ENT-48R6-32:2U Enterprise Server with 48TB RAID-6 (32TB usable) Part # USS-ENT-48R6-32

Model: USS-ENT-48R6-32


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USS-ENT-48R6-32:2U Enterprise Server with 48TB RAID-6 (32TB usable) Part # USS-ENT-48R6-32


The USS-ENT-48R6-32 from Flir is a 2U Enterprise Server with 48TB RAID-6 (32TB Usable). The FLIR Universal Systems Solutions sets the industry standard for internal storage servers, offering up to 216TB of storage and a new level of performance for video surveillance applications of all types.

The Enterprise server is ideal for businesses seeking a multipurpose rack server that offers excellent internal storage, redundancy and value in a compact chassis. Designed to address the requirements of IT environments, the unit comes loaded with system management capabilities, best-in-class processing performance and the ability to expand for future storage requirements.


High Performance

  • Optimal performance and reliability without need for extra cooling
  • Ability to connect to multiple networks in parallel
  • Best-in-class processing performance up to 216TB internal storage

Cost Savings

  • Reduced unit count and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Reduced installation time with more consistency

Peace of Mind

  • Redundancy and reliability
  • Ease of use for technicians and easier problem solving
  • Easy to expand and maintain
  • OS installation optimized for United VMS
Form Factor 2U rack
Hard Drive Bay 18 hard drive chassis
Enterprise Eight-core Intel® Xeon® Silver processor
Chipset Intel C610
Memory 16 GB RDIMM RAM
I/O Slots 4 PCIe slots
RAID Controller
Hardware RAID controller with Flash Backed Cache
OS Drive
240GB Mirrored SSD, BOSS Controller
Operating System
Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Embedded
Storage Drive
Enterprise class, Hot-swap HDDS
Max Internal Storage: 216TB
Communications Embedded Quad Port 1Gb NIC
Systems Management
iDRAC9 Express (Enterprise License Upgrade Option)
Power Supply
Dual, Hot-plug, Redundant Power Supply, 750W,
100~240VAC 50/60Hz (auto)
USB Ports 2 x 3.0 and 2 x 2.0
Rack Support ReadyRails™ II sliding rails
Dimensions 86.8 x 434.0 x 678.8 (mm)
Weight Max: 33.1 kg (72.91 lb)
3-year ProSupport and Next Business Day On-site
Service (upgrades available)
Nemko, CE, FCC, C-Tick, ICES, VCCI, CCC


Setup Service Max # Cameras Max Throughput
All-in-One Archiver 500 500 Mbps
Transcoder Transcoder 15 15 Mbps
Dedicated Archiver 650 650 Mbps
Transcoder 45 45 Mbps
Horizon All-in-one 180 500 Mbps


Model Numbers
USS Enterprise RAID-5 USS Enterprise RAID-5 with Hot Spare USS Enterprise RAID-6
Model Model Model Model
USS-ENT-24R5-16 USS-ENT-88R5-80 USS-ENT-32H5-16 USS-ENT-96H5-80 USS-ENT-32R6-16 USS-ENT-96R6-80
USS-ENT-32R5-24 USS-ENT-96R5-88 USS-ENT-40H5-24 USS-ENT-104H5-88 USS-ENT-40R6-24 USS-ENT-104R6-88
USS-ENT-40R5-32 USS-ENT-104R5-96 USS-ENT-48H5-32 USS-ENT-112H5-96 USS-ENT-48R6-32 USS-ENT-112R6-96
USS-ENT-48R5-40 USS-ENT-112R5-104 USS-ENT-56H5-40 USS-ENT-120H5-104 USS-ENT-56R6-40 USS-ENT-120R6-104
USS-ENT-56R5-48 USS-ENT-120R5-112 USS-ENT-64H5-48 USS-ENT-128H5-112 USS-ENT-64R6-48 USS-ENT-128R6-112
USS-ENT-64R5-56 USS-ENT-128R5-120 USS-ENT-72H5-56 USS-ENT-136H5-120 USS-ENT-72R6-56 USS-ENT-136R6-120
USS-ENT-72R5-64 USS-ENT-136R5-128 USS-ENT-80H5-64 USS-ENT-144H5-128 USS-ENT-80R6-64 USS-ENT-144R6-128
USS-ENT-80R5-72 USS-ENT-144R5-136 USS-ENT-88H5-72 USS-ENT-216H5-192 USS-ENT-88R6-72 USS-ENT-216R6-192
Class Type Raw Storage RAID Type Usable Storage
USS Enterprise XX = amount of raw storage TB R5 = RAID-5
XX = amount of usable storage TB
H5 = RAID-5 with Hot Spare
R6 = RAID-6
*RAID 6 reduces the Archiver Performance by 40%