Flir F-612-ID-N F-612 ID – 50 MM, 30HZ


F-612 ID – 50 MM, 30HZ

Model: 427-0033-40-00


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F-612 ID – 50 MM, 30HZ

The F-612-ID-N from Flir is a 640 × 480 outdoor network thermal camera, 50mm lens, 30HZ. The FLIR Triton F-Series ID thermal security cameras set the new standard for perimeter protection for critical infrastructure. The Triton F-Series ID features best-in-class thermal imaging detail and high-performance onboard analytics for classifying human or vehicular intrusions. F-Series ID premium thermal cameras offers five models with full 640 × 480 thermal resolution, longer detection ranges, and better analytics performance than ever before.


Reliable Onboard Analytics

Triton F-Series ID classifies human and vehicle intrusions, and hands-off targets to autonomous PTZ tracking cameras.

  • Reliable intrusion detection
  • Cost-effective perimeter protection
  • Low false alarm rate
  • Operates in harsh weather conditions

Sharper Thermal Images

The F-Series ID creates greater thermal scene detail, improving threat detection and alarm assessment from greater distances.

  • Clear vision in any lighting condition
  • Detection through rain, light fog, and smoke
  • 24/7 intrusion detection for enterprise and industrial applications

Plug-and-Play Integration

Using open IP standards, the F-Series ID is ONVIF-compliant and streams digital video in H.264 and M-JPEG formats.

  • Simultaneous IP and analog video outputs
  • IP and serial control interfaces
  • Integrates into existing analog systems
  • Migrates to future security infrastructures