Digital Watchdog DW-BJDX3116T-LX , 16TB, 180 Mbps of recording through

  • Supports all ONVIF conformant IP cameras
  • Storage options 4-40TB internal storage
  • Intel® i3 processor
  • True HD, DP, 1 display output at a time
  • 1x 1G Ethernet, 1x 2.5G Ethernet
  • Windows 10® or Linux® Ubuntu® 20.04 LTS on separate SSD
  • Hosting DW Spectrum® for setup, configuration, monitoring and recording
  • One-time recording license charge, fully transferable between cameras and encoders



, 16TB, 180 Mbps of recording throughput, 1x True HD, 1x DP, Linux OS, i3 Processor, Dual Network Card, OnVIF compliant, Graphic System Health Monitor for hardware performance, True Enterprise Scalability, Automatic Camera Detection, Local Client Display, Fully Customizable Layouts, Easy Drag and Drop Camera Management and Recording, E-Mapping, Advanced Motion Masking and Sensitivity Settings, NDAA, TAA. Keyboard and Mouse Included. 5 Year Limited Warranty