Isonas CABLE-Adapter Pure IP RC-04 Cable Adapter (RC-03 to RC-4 Conve

Isonas CABLE-Adapter

Simply upgrade your PowerNet RC-03 Reader-Controller to an RC-04 without having to pull a new pigtail cable. Simply attach the 12 pin adapter to the exiting pigtail and then the 8 pin to the new RC-04. The update the wiring at the end of the cable to match the RC-04 wiring guidelines.



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Use the adapter cable to make upgrading an RC-03 to an RC-04 simpler. The 12 pin to 8 pin converter will re-orient the wires on the 12 pin pigtail to match the 8 pin pigtail. Then simply re-wire the peripherals at the end of the 12 pin pigtail. This is an adapter that allows you to convert RC03 to RC04.


Key Features

  • 12 pin to 8 pin converter cableEnds shrunk wrapped for greaterdurability
  • 5″ L X ¾” Diameter