Arecont AV10215PM-S 10MP MegaVideo, Box Camera, 7 fps, SD Card, Lens C

  • Dual Mode Allows 10MP Models to Switch Between 10MP and 1080p
  • Binning Mode for Strong Low Light Performance
  • True Day/Night Functionality with Mechanical IR Cut Filter
  • CorridorView Allows 90° Image Rotation for Better Coverage in Hallways and Corridors
  • Dual Encoder H.264/MJPEG
  • SDHC Card Slot for Onboard Storage
  • Privacy Mask, Motion Detection, Flexible Cropping, Bit Rate Control, Multi-Streaming, Forensic Zooming
  • Many Lenses to Choose From Including Remote Focus/Zoom Motorized P-Iris Lenses (Sold Separately)
  • P-Iris Control for Best Depth of Field and Image Clarity
  • PoE and Auxiliary Power: 12–48V DC/24V AC
  • Small Size for Flexible Mounting Options
  • Use with Arecont Vision Housings, or as a Standalone Camera


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10 Megapixel/1080p, 7 fps/32 fps, Dual Mode H.264/MJPEG Day/Night Box Camera, 3648 x 2752/1920 x 1080, SD Card, P-Iris Connector, RF/RZ Connector, Scaling, Compact, 12VDC/24VAC/PoE

The AV10215PM-S MegaVideo® G5 multi-megapixel, indoor compact camera series delivers 10-megapixel resolution (lens sold separately). Regardless of time-of-day, this camera is ideal for applications with challenging lighting conditions. The series combines a day/night mechanical IR cut filter with an optional P-iris lens for precise, optimal image quality. For applications with dim lighting, pixel binning provides strong low-light performance. Non-integer scaling provides the ability to scale images to different resolutions down to 128×96. This flexibility allows users to tailor their system for their specific need; reducing system bandwidth and storage costs. The MegaVideo® G5 includes remote zoom/focus, making it easy for an installer to accurately focus the camera remotely. The SD card slot supports up to 32GB of storage capacity for convenient onboard storage. The CorridorView™ feature allows the camera’s image to be rotated 90 degrees to reduce capturing unnecessary data. For added flexibility and efficiency, 10MP models have the ability to switch between 1080p and 10MP modes.

Remote Focus/Zoom1, with User-Friendly Web Interface

The MegaVideo® G5 features a P-iris motorized lens to adjust the zoom and easily focus the camera’s sensor through the Web interface. Once mounted, the operator can quickly focus and position the camera remotely, eliminating the need to adjust the camera locally. The simplicity of just clicking “short range focus” or “full range focus” saves installers time and end users money–an easy return on investment.

P-Iris1 Control for Image Clarity

MegaVideo® G5 IP megapixel cameras feature a precision iris or “P-iris” lens to ensure the best possible depth of field and image clarity for precise performance from the sensor. Short or full range focus scans analyze the local or full scene for an optimal focus position. The P-iris lens provides an
automatic, precise iris control for applications with varying lighting conditions.

See Every Detail with Forensic Zooming

Arecont Vision megapixel cameras deliver outstanding resolution to capture every detail whether viewing live or recorded/archived video. With the ability to digitally Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) images, you can forensically zoom for license plate, face, and object details.

Optimizing Data Management

Multi-streaming enables the MegaVideo® G5 to deliver eight non-identical streams to facilitate bandwidth-efficient viewing and recording options as well as integration with third-party video management systems. While using efficient H.264 video compression to manage bandwidth and keep storage requirements low, the cameras deliver exceptional image quality with ultra high resolution.

Covering Wider Areas with Fewer Cameras

With a diameter of only 3 inches (7.62 cm), the MegaVideo® G5 camera is about 70% smaller than traditional box-style cameras. These compact
dimensions make this camera ideal for discrete indoor surveillance applications. For added versatility, the MegaVideo® G5 can be added to the Arecont Vision HSG2 bullet-style enclosure as well as D4SO dome enclosures for outdoor environments.

In applications where large areas need to be secured, Arecont Vision® megapixel cameras provide maximum return on investment. As an example, if a VGA camera could cover one lane of traffic, a 10MP MegaVideo® G5 camera in an HSG2 bullet-style housing could cover up to 5.5 lanes at the same resolution.