DuraGard Laminate, 1.0 mil (508785-001)

DuraGard Laminate, 1.0 mil, Clear, Full Card (508785-001)

SD460 R010 Supplies

Entrust Datacard® DuraGard® Laminate – The highest level of durability:

  • Advantages: superior abrasion and chemical resistance, near edge-to-edge protection with additional UV resistance that protect cards from fading
  • Recommended for cards required to last more than 7 years


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DuraGard Laminate, 1.0 mil, Clear, Full Card (508785-001)

SD460 R010 Supplies

Secure Identity Supplies

Entrust Datacard® supplies are engineered to exceed quality standards by producing vibrant, durable, and secure identification cards. Benefits of using Entrust Datacard ID card supplies include:

  • Image Quality and Design: the various supplies we offer allow for a high level of personalization in design and are tested to ensure that your images, graphics, and security features are clear, crisp and consistent.
  • Security and Durability: protect your card by resisting potential threats; from daily wear-and-tear to advance counterfeiting, while also extending the life of your card.
  • Optimal Performance: improve the quality of your printing and extend the life of your printer by performing routine maintenance with genuine Entrust Datacard® cleaning supplies


Our high-quality durability supplies options defend cards against abrasion, moisture, fading and chemical attacks, which ultimately extend the life of cards and reduce costs for reissuance.

Durability is an important consideration in maintaining the appearance and life of a card. Depending on the application, intended lifespan, and usage of your card, Entrust Datacard offers a complete line of protective topcoats, overlays and laminates to meet your needs.